Signal adapter for converting the output signals or changing the pin assignment

Adapter 2X/2Y for gantry axes
Adapterauswahl: Adapter-2X
As an alternative to the double-axis board, the X or Y axis can each be routed to the clock and direction pins of the 4th axis with the adapters 2X and 2Y. This allows the clock and direction signals of an axis with two motors to be output completely synchronously and fed directly to a 4-axis output stage.

Adapter 422, differential signals
The adapter-422 converts the clock/direction signals into RS422 differential signals, as required e.g. for Berger Lahr or Siemens power amplifiers and can be used with different power amplifiers for higher noise immunity.A + and - output is then available for each signal and the signals are no longer measured against the common GND pin. By using differential signals, interference on the line is reduced.With this adapter, there are no more additional outputs and only four possible inputs. It is ideally used together with the EA160802 expansion card and is already included as standard in our CNCCON S4 and CNCCON W4 controls, but can also be plugged into any other hardware.

Adapter B, signal boost
In all WinPC-NC Professional axis controllers and Posi controllers with simple clock/direction signals, the Adapter B is installed as a booster and ensures that all output signals have a stable 5V level and can be loaded with up to 20mA. The Adapter B can also be ordered separately and retrofitted to the LPT interface on desktop computers, for example.In addition, the adapter B can also be operated with up to 19V and thus output signals suitable for 24V.The Adapter B is supplied with a compatible connection cable for installation in our control system. If you need the Adapter B with a connection cable for a 25 Sub-D, please inform us separately.

Adapter C, change clock and direction signals
For all our controllers and control programmes, the pin assignment regarding the clock/direction signals is fixed and cannot be changed. For all controllers and motor drivers that have a different pin assignment, we offer small cable adapters that adapt the pin assignment.The Adapter C exchanges the clock and direction signals of the individual axes as indicated in the product picture. The Adapter C can simply be plugged between the WinPC-NC hardware and the electronics used.The Adapter C is necessary, for example, for the multi-axis stepper motor output stages MX4660 and MX3660 from Leadshine or the TB6600 output stages.

Adapter SMC800/1500, for SMC800 and SMC1500 stepper motor drivers
With the SMC800/1500 Adaper, SMC stepper motor drivers can also be controlled with clock and direction interfaces. This makes it possible to control SMC stepper motor drivers with modern and up-to-date WinPC-NC variants such as WinPC-NC USB and WinPC-NC Professional. The SMC800/1500 adapter can easily be plugged in between the WinPC-NC hardware and the SMC stepper motor drivers. The SMC800/1500 adapter also allows you to choose between the step resolutions 200, 400 and 800 steps per revolution. In addition, the freely definable inputs and outputs can be used directly on the adapter on the corresponding screw terminals. There are 5 digital inputs for reference switches, level switches or other sensors. Likewise, 4 digital outputs can be connected to screw terminals. These can be used to control a milling spindle, output a speed signal or for many other applications.The price shown here is a special price that is only valid when used with a WinPC-NC licence.

Adapter USB-RS232
To operate WinPC-NC Professional and the serial axis controller, a serial RS232 interface is required on the control computer. If it is not equipped with this, it can easily be retrofitted via this USB adapter. Communication then takes place via a USB connection and is absolutely fast and stable in operation.The adapters we offer are specially tested for use with WinPC-NC Professional and the real-time data transmission required for CNC machining. Scope of delivery: -Adapter USB-RS232 -USB cable 1,5m -Driver on CD