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Product information "FILOU NC home / hobby "
FILOU NC is the CAM program we recommend for preparing the milling and cutting tasks. The program loads drawing data in DXF format or creates them with comfortable drawing functions. In a further step it generates the optimal milling program for WinPC-NC with different tools, materials and strategies.

The data will be transferred directly to WinPC-NC where it is immediately visible in the graphics and the job can be started immediately.

Only from us you can get the especially low-priced special versions of FILOU NC for WinPC-NC.


80 - 90% of all CNC workpieces are 2D parts

How does FILOU NC work?

FILOU NC consists of several modules that work independently. So the modules (Geometry, CAM/Manager, Backplot, Simulation) can be constantly changed and used. When the CNC code is ready it will be transferred to the CNC control.

Simply load a 2D DXF file into FILOU NC. In the Geometry module you can change the geometry of the file if necessary, create new or add geometries.

In the CAM module, FILOU NC works like a virtual milling machine. You mill based on your DXF file.

You specify exactly how the paths should be created.

You decide whether to work with or without path correction.

You decide which feed rate or which cutter should be used, whether in climb milling or up-cut, how to plunge into the material or how to approach or depart a contour.

FILOU NC calculates the required toolpaths according to your specifications and optimizes them, for example, to require as little positioning as possible for a large number of boreholes.

These toolpaths are immediately written to the backplot as CNC code. With the manager you manage or change the workflow (CNC code) at any time.

At any time you can also start the 3D Simulation module with material removal and check the CNC code in 3D. In the backplot with connected editor you can easily check and correct CNC code, even not generated with FILOU NC.

Highly customizable postprocessors and macro programming make CNC code creation very fast and efficient.

FILOU NC is available in several variants with different functionalities. The quickest way to find the variant that best suits your needs is to use the comparison matrix in the Documentation tab. There you will also find the product information as PDF and the link to the 30-day demo version.

You will receive the FILOU NC activation code together with the invoice by e-mail after placing your order.